Nelson Mandela Day

July 18 marks Nelson Mandela Birthday. In South Africa people volunteer time in charity work on this day in recognition of Mandela. Events are also being held around the world, with people urged to spend 67 minutes helping others, to mark Nelson Mandela’s 67 years of public service. من السهل جدا أن نحطم و نكسر. […]

Summers: Lebanon 2006 / Gaza 2014

Eleven years ago: Lebanon summer 2006 Omar T wrote on his facebook page: Lest we forget! Today 12 July Lebanon commemorates the 2006 Israel war which left several thousands of casualties, one million displaced people, and tremendous destruction. As usual, people of Lebanon remain deeply divided over the objectives of the war and its outcome, and […]


I thought he was a guru from india, when i first saw him coming from behind the fruit trees in Laqlouq. I was exploring the Wellness Fair day that was happening that day in Laqlouq… But soon, I realized that I was mistaken…Harry was a victim of lies, exploitation and greed… Draft in progress